Antropoceno! music + science

Müller & Makaroff from Gotan Projekt present Antropoceno! music + science – Österreich Premiere

Das neue Projekt von den beiden Gotan Project Gründern, setzt sich musikalisch mit der Klimakatastrophe auseinander und wurde schon auf der letzten UN-Klimakonferenz vorgestellt.

The Anthropocene (Antropoceno) is the current geological epoch, in which human actions are the main cause of the destruction of an ecosystem that is essential to the survival of our species: Homo Sapiens.

This is a unique moment in the history of our planet. For the first time one single species is responsible for the changes occurring and we are capable of producing more power than all other forces of nature put together.

The sixth extinction of life on Earth, climate change, acidification of the oceans, rise in sea level, shortage of drinking water, air pollution, deforestation, nuclear contamination, pandemics, wildfires, floods, and accumulation of plastics are all part of the lasting human impact.

Everybody, in every level of society, should act in order to prevent the coming catastrophes. We have decided to fight back with the strongest weapon we have: our music. With our songs we try to raise awareness of a crisis that is already happening, but is not treated like one!


Am Samstag, 10. Juli 2021 im Theater am Steg, mit Visuals by Ian Kornfeld.

Zum Festival-Programm 2021