Eduardo Makaroff

Samstag, 10. Juli 2021
Theater am Steg

It was in 1990 that Eduardo Makaroff arrived in Paris to begin his French career, which followed an already rich career. in his own country: His first group was founded with his brother, Sergio, in the 1970s: Los hermanos Makaroff. Then, in the 1980s,he founded the duo „Edu y el Pollo“ with Daniel Mactas. Makaroff has composed and performed film scores and television series credits. He has also presented and produced programs for television and radio. Upon his arrival in Paris, Makaroff formed the group Mano a Mano, with which he produced Tango Joyeux, an album that received a very warm welcome in France and throughout Europe. He later became the conductor of a famous Parisian tango club, La Coupole. Guitarist-singer-songwriter (he has several albums to his credit), he toured Europe with his group Tango Mano, while continuing to compose and produce music for the audiovisual industry.

In 1999, Makaroff teamed up with Christoph H. Müller and Philippe Cohen-Solal to explore new musical routes and give a different direction to the traditional music of his home country: Gotan Project was born. Gotan Project’s music has been released on many, many compilation albums and has been used in a large amount of feature films and TV series.

Makaroff met another Argentinian in Paris, Gérard Lo Monaco, to whom he gives some tango guitar lessons. Together, they create the label Mañana, a label dedicated to the creation in Tango and to the development of Argentinean music in the world.

In 2014, Makaroff and Christoph H. Müller form the group Plaza Francia with Catherine Ringer. They publish the album „A New Tango Song Book“ followed by a tour which ended in November 2015.

In 2018, Müller & Makaroff re-create Plaza Francia Orchestra and release the eponymous album with the participation of Catherine Ringer, Lura and Maria Muliterno, as well as Argentinean musicians Pablo Gignoli and Sebastian Volco . The famous Argentinean painter Antonio Seguí designs a painting that will become the cover of the album. In summer 2018 they begin a new tour (2018–2020).

He’s currently working on Müller & Makaroff’s new music/audiovisual project „ANTROPOCENO! music + science“.

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